E & E Inspired Argyle Stocking

DSC_0044Numero quatro!…or in other words, Stocking number 4!

I “borrowed” a few elements from Elegance and Elephants (E&E) to make this stocking. First, she posted about making this adorable (yes, I spell out the whole word…my generation was taught how to spell) argyle polo shirt for her little man. And what’s more manly than argyle!? Seriously. I dare you to think of something…besides camo, because I refuse to have camouflage stockings hanging next to my floral ones.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing is more manly than argyle. I may have a tiny weakness for argyle too, and hubby would find that out if he ever wore a knit sweater.


Anyways………….I was lost in a day dream for a second. Oh Hello! 😉

Where was I?

Ah yes, argyle. I love argyle, but never tried to make it. Looks too fussy and hard. But what the hey, I wanted an argyle stocking hanging up on the mantel. Perfect time to man up and make one!

And then I remembered that Heidi from E&E also loves hockey. Our equivalent down here in the USA would be football…as in popularity, not the game itself. Lol, I do know SOME things about sports. 😉 Hence, the little sport items in the argyle diamonds. Ahh, I love it!DSC_0048

The stocking also got piping, because I figured most sport teams use piping in their uniforms or after game gear. Sure…that sounds plausible.DSC_0049

And the colors were an effort to have less red around the house…but I think I may have accidentally made a stocking that looks like Ronald McDonald’s if he was a football fan. Live and learn…those colors belong to MickeyD’s and shouldn’t be touched. 😉

Ahh well, it still looks cute with the other ones around it. And who knows, maybe that loveable clown has a family of six too. Haha.DSC_0051




  1. All fabric purchased from Joann fabrics
  2. piping made by me, so don’t judge
  3. free stocking pattern from Pattern Revolution
  4. Heavily borrowed ideas from Elegance and Elephants, I just love her work

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