Doctor Who CraftingCon- Behind the Scenes

Crafting Con
I was so thrilled to be a part of CraftingCon, and even more excited to be the first contestant of the year! If you missed my entry at Friends Stitched Together, you can find it here. Go check it out, you’ll have a little chuckle.

I’m a huge nerd. Seriously. I was in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy club in High School, since the Letterman’s club wouldn’t let us in… freakin jocks. Whatever. Our awesome club had Papa John’s and movies every Thursday. Take that. 😉

So of course when this month’s theme popped up, I jumped at the chance to participate. Doctor Who! Ahhhh! I tried starting with the earlier episodes…some are silly. But then I saw some of the more recent ones….and BAM, I was hooked. Lol, it didn’t take much for me to be.DSC_1033

I knew it had to be the Eleventh Doctor and since my boys caught part of the episode “Blink”, we had to include that too. So off I went to recreate some little outfits for the girls. I used the theme “If My Tiny Whovians Could Sew”. So Missy got a feminine version of Eleven, and Tiny One got a column dress to be a weeping angel.DSC_1020

My girls are such troopers. Missy slipped on snow right before we took pictures, and it was still a little chilly so Tiny One was wearing a onesie underneath her dress.DSC_0972Daddy was right off camera helping babykins hide behind the pillars and sneak up on her sister. DSC_0956Meanwhile, the boys were off camera climbing over the rocks nearby and sitting on a bench playing on my phone.DSC_1003

That’s how to get the magical shots. Everyone has a job. 😉

DSC_1016 I was trying to get Tiny One to play peekaboo, so she would cover her eyes but she’s just too happy and giggly. Lol. So we opted for hiding her instead. It was funny when she got close at the end, she was crawling so fast I could barely take pictures fast enough.

The pants were fun, and impossible to take a close-up while on her. I was like, “Uh, yeah I’m not posting pictures of her tush all over the internet. What kind of mom would I be? Dang.” So I took some flat shots of it. Lol. Yeah, these things go through my mind during our fun photoshoots.

DSC_1030Everyone had fun, even the boys.

I fed Tiny One right before the pictures, that’s probably why she was so happy. Meanwhile all the other kids got snacks on the way home…poor Missy had to tuck a blanket in all around her since she had a Cherry AirHead on the way home and daddy didn’t want her ruining her new top. Hehehe, our silly kids just roll with it.

Here’s a close-up of her necklace. I could make a tutorial for it, if you all want. It’s surprisingly easy. Like, shamefully easy.DSC_1031And in case you missed it, here’s my adorable little Doctor.

DSC_0981And this is my biggest helper.


Well thanks for following along! It was fun getting the whole family involved in it.

And hey, bowties are cool. 😉





Materials used:

The Doctor’s dress/top was the June Bug dress pattern from “Craftiness Is Not Optional“. I used white cotton fabric, vintage lace, red ribbon leftover from my wedding, and pink buttons from JoAnn fabrics.

Her Tardis pants were the Lovely Rita Skinnies from “Shwin Designs“. I used stretch denim from JoAnn fabrics and that thick jean topstitching thread.

Her bow was made with a 14″ chain (I shortened an 18″ one), red Eco-Fi felt and red thread.

Tiny One’s weeping angel dress is the So Chic Harlow Monroe dress/tunic pattern from “Hailey Bug’s Closet“. Fabric is leftover from my stash, but originally purchased at JoAnn fabrics.

Tell us what you think!