DIY jewelry holder

I love jewelry. Like absolutely LOVE it, but had to stop wearing it because so do the kids in my house. I would find my jewelry all over the house in tangled piles. So I’m having to find new ways to keep them out of reach of little hands. And then it hit me…if I could hang it on the wall that would solve everything! I could see my jewelry so I could match it to my current outfit, and little hands can’t run away with them or toss them in piles on the floor.

So if you have a few minutes today, grab your materials and make this 5 minute project! It’s so quick and easy to MIY this frame jewelry holder!

I had everything lying around the house for this project. But if you need a fun frame, you can find one at Target. I bought this one there, but the glass broke in the move or it was the kids playing baseball in the house. Either way, any old frame works. ?

Materials needed:

  • picture frame
  • bits of lace
  • staple gun
  • pretty jewelry!

Step One. Pick a pretty frame.

Step Two. Try out your lace and see what works with your frame. You want something at least an inch wide, maybe with some holes in it. I rummaged through my vintage lace jars to find some that I loved. That top one is too skinny, so I didn’t use it.

Step Three. Turn your frame over and cut your lace about 3-4 inches wider than the opening. Turn one inch under and staple it down twice.

Slightly stretch lace and repeat on the other side. Cut off any extra lace.

Step Four. Gather your baubles and hang the earrings on the lace. 

Step Five. Hang your frame on the wall and drape your necklaces on the side, wrap your bracelets on the frame, and hang your earrings on the lace. Enjoy!!

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