Delilah Pattern-Day Two

Day Two of the Delilah Pattern tour!

I’m having fun. Are you having fun yet?

Next up, these ladies are a vision in blue!

Tuesday- July 29


Cozy Cape Cottage

Gracious Threads

A Vision To Remember

 I’m loving those stripes. golden-rippy-delilah-top

And I really love those horses and incredibly awesome flower. Oh my gosh. The adorable factor on this.

She’s cute and she knows it. 🙂


I love when ladies have fun! Jess accessorized her Delilah and did a real cute job on it.


Get a chance to check out these awesome ladies today!

Thanks again for stitching up some cuteness! 🙂

You can get your copy in the shop. It’s only on sale during the tour! 😉


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