Castaway Cargos sewn by Golden Rippy


I’ve never had good luck with making pants. So when I find a store brand that fits one of us, I stick to it religiously. And I stopped trying to make them. But then my kids did a funny thing…they started growing. Dang. Where did that come from? So, I was forced to revisit the pants issue since my kids were sporting “floods” in the winter.

I had good luck with leggings for my daughter…but could I replicate that luck with pants?

Peekaboo Patterns had a sale on the Castaway Cargos and I jumped on it. I immediately fell in love with how manly they looked. Cargo pockets? Yes, please. No zipper or buttons? Heck yes!! You had me at elastic waistband.

So I took my son’s measurements and printed out the pattern. I was starting to worry when all the pages starting spewing out of my printer and onto the floor. Would I have enough paper? And geez, the kids pushed the tray back in without my knowledge.

With my pattern pieces all printed and taped together I set about crafting these pants. My son is 7 but I picked size 8 knowing I would have to hem them a little more. They were perfect.

I followed along to the directions on my computer while I cut and sewed.

Ohmygosh, these are soooo easy. But they look really professional when he wears them. And it doesn’t scream “homemade”.

I used washi tape to tape off the location for the pocket on both sides. And I was able to sew through it. I hemmed them a little long so they stack on his shoes.

They turned out awesome. Seriously perfect for boys. And super quick since it’s only a few pieces. I can’t wait to make these in khaki, corduroy, and denim with some serious detailing. 🙂

I love the castaway cargos!  If you sew for boys, you need this pattern.

I also used this to make jammie pants for my kiddos (to test the sizes and length). They turned out awesome. (Little miss won’t hold still for a picture in these, she’s running around enjoying them too much) .

wpid-storageextSdCardDCIMCamera2014-02-28-19.12.10.png.png wpid-storageextSdCardDCIMCamera2014-02-28-19.11.23.png.png

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