Carrot Toy Pattern

carrot2 Here’s comes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail…hippity hop… Easter’s on it’s way! And you can use this free pattern to make a carrot toy for your little cottontails! All you need is some scraps of cotton jersey (or quilting cotton works too), and this free carrot toy pattern. Happy Easter!carrot

First, print out your pattern (no scaling and 100%). Find your scrap fabric (I cut up an old shirt my boys don’t fit in) and cut out your pieces. You will have a carrot piece and three leaves. (You can make several from a fat quarter of cotton).

Now if you plan on giving this toy to a child be sure to use a VERY tight stitch. I think I had mine set to 1 (my stitch length dial is 0-6, where 6 is basting and 0 is for free motion). If this is for decoration you can use a regular stitch length.carrot4

Now fold your carrot in half and sew up the side. The seam allowance is shown on the pattern.DSC_0796To get that nice point at the end of the carrot, you need to trim the corner slightly like this. See the difference between this picture and the previous one? Skinny little point.


Turn the carrot inside out using a pencil or knitting needle to push the corner to a nice point. Don’t push too hard, you might rip the seam. Be gentle on your little carrot. Here comes the fun part…stuffing the carrot! Gather up your nice long scraps of fabric and stuff them in that carrot. I used jersey scraps in my jersey carrot. You can use cotton scraps in a cotton carrot. (Only use poly stuffing or pellets in a carrot that is NOT for a child.)

Why am I stuffing jersey scraps into a carrot? Is she crazy?

No, I’ll tell you why. Say you give this to a kid and they decide to chew on it…if they happen to bust your seam wouldn’t you rather some pieces of jersey fall out instead of them swallowing stuffing or little pellets? Yep. And it’s way easier to clean up if the worst should happen. With that being said, I gave this to my 2 year old who immediately started acting like a rabbit and had fun chewing this. I was really happy it had tight stitches and scraps inside. It held up very well and didn’t open. 🙂 Moving on…


Now is the tricky part, don’t get lost. Fold 1 inch of the top part inside and pin it closed. (I added little pleats to the top of the carrot to make it skinnier). Tuck the edges of the leaves inside the opening and repin it. DSC_0801Sew close to the edge of the carrot. Be sure to backstitch and go over this seam once or twice. We don’t want it opening up! Remember, very tight stitches! 🙂carrot3

Taa-dah! You made a chewable carrot toy! Really great for our little “bunnies”. And since they’re a quick little sew for you, you can whip out a bunch for your Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontails!

Perfect gift for our littlest bunnies. And it’s completely washable! Let them chew until their heart’s desire.DSC_0804Pair it with an awesome bunny story for an instant gift. 🙂 Simply adorable.

Click here to download the carrot pattern for free on Craftsy. My gift to little bunnies everywhere.


Happy Easter!

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