Caroline Dress sewn by Lexi Made

So, I’m getting totally excited for Mouse House Creations‘ Caroline Dress for the ladies! I have the one for my little girlies, but it’s so classic it will look amazing on the ladies. Is it so wrong that I wish she made all of her pattern in women’s sizes too? I seriously love her patterns.

She’s aiming to release the women’s Caroline on Monday, so cross your fingers!! Until then, enjoy these pretty dresses…

These amazing versions were sewn by Alexia from Lexi Made. She was a lucky duck and got to test the pattern. She totally did it justice, right? Dang, I would be so lucky to have a tester like that. Oh my gosh, I love all her different takes on it! It really shows how versatile the pattern is. Go check out Alexia’s post on all four versions. It’s pretty awesome. She upcycled one of her old dresses for the skirt part, on another she pieced the stripes together, and she changed up the pleats and gathers on the last ones. So pretty.

So, no pressure Hayley to release the Lady Caroline on Monday, but you have a ton of ladies already buzzing about it. Including this one. 🙂

Happy sewing ladies!! Don’t forget to check out Mouse House Creations this week.

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