Become a Fashion Icon and Grow Your Brand

become a fashion icon

First things first. It’s not going to happen overnight. Yeah, sorry. But you will be able to learn how to grow your brand.

What may seem like meteoric rises to fame and success, are little more than that. They just look like that on the surface. It’s often years of unrecognized talent that is propelled by a “lucky” break into the spotlight.

The 5 Principles You Need to Grow Your Brand

Diane von Fürstenberg, for example, decided she wanted to have a career when she became a Princess. She convinced a manufacturer to make some of her designs and then flew to New York and showed them at Fashion Week. The rest, as they say, is history. (But she did have some connections in the fashion industry already).

I could devote an entire book to fashion icons, there are so many to pick from. However, in the Fashion Design Bootcamp book, we’re just going to focus on the ones that have had a major blanket influence over fashion.

have a vision

Principle One: Have a Vision

Without a goal, you can’t progress.

Your vision for your business should be clear. So sit down and really think about what you want. What is your end goal? Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years with your business? What would success look like to you?

All successful designers and icons had a vision. They knew what kind of image they wanted to portray and they stayed true to that. Stay true to your vision (but adjust as needed).

We were talking about Columbus in my class, and how he had a vision. So he set out, got the funding, obtained the ships and set sail. Yeah, his vision didn’t go according to plan, but without that vision, he would never have ended up on the path that he did. It’s that whole, “an object in motion stays in motion” idea. Grab a vision and get going!

Principle Two: Be Persistent

To move freely, you must be deeply rooted.

What’s the difference between a dream and a goal? Hard work and persistence.

You can make your dreams come true if you turn them into goals and break down the steps you need to take. When life throws you roadblocks, do you pull over and get out, or do you take the detour and enjoy the change of scenery on your way to your destination? BE PERSISTENT. Don’t give up. You totally got this!

Every single one of your mentors, icons, and people you admire have hit stumbling blocks. I personally admire people, even more, when I learn about all they had to overcome. It makes them more human. Because all of us have had struggles to get where we are today.

Don’t give up!

Principle Three: Accountability

Be brave. Take Risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

I like this one. I need this one. On your way to greatness and accomplishing all your goals, bring a buddy along. The road can sometimes get lonely and boring if you don’t have a friend to share the journey with. Why not find someone you admire or can teach to go along for the ride? I never really thought I needed someone to be accountable to, to help grow my passion projects. But it makes sense. AND you have someone else to bounce ideas off of.

In one of my classes, we’re paired up with a bunch of other people that are all in different stages of our business journeys. There are retired business owners, aspiring ones, and others that are using different methods to grow their current business. They offer so much great insight and different points of views.

So find someone to look up to and learn from! Share your goals with them and hold each other accountable as you grow your brand!

abundance mentality

Principle Four: Abundance Mentality

Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.

I love this one. Because sometimes I live in a little fantasy world with endless possibilities and the belief that everyone is inherently good and here to help everyone else on their journey. So this idea doesn’t seem far-fetched at all, to me.

We live in such a wonderful time with so much available to us in this digital age. Think of all the advances in just the last 50 years alone. I can collaborate with others on the other side of the world and make connections with people I never would have had a chance to meet in real life. You can find like-minded people, new friends, business connections and even find a long-lost family member.

Use all of these resources available to you, and trust that more resources will become available to you.

Principle Five: Commitment

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

Commit to yourself, your family and your friends to become the best version of yourself. Commit to your making goals and your dreams come true. You can do this. You have all the resources available to you. If you need to learn some new skills, go enroll in a new class. If you need to practice some skills, have some projects and practice practice practice!

It’s not a one and done deal.  To become a fashion icon, grow your brand, build an empire, whatever you want to accomplish…. you need to be committed. Be in it for the long haul.  Dig your heels in and don’t go anywhere. Choose people who lift you up.

There you go. Five Principles that will take you far in life while you grow your brand.

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5 principles to grow your brand

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