Awesome Dahlias

We’re gearing up for a test starting Wednesday. But I want to kick things back for a minute to check out some more Dahlia tops. So adorable.

First we travel to the Netherlands to see what Sofilantjes made!

She made a black Dahlia….Oooo. I would totally wear that. I love the little bling in the middle of the flower. Every girl needs some bling.

And we’re going to visit Rebel and Malice next.

She upcycled a bathing suit coverup to make a sailor version. Totes my goats….she’s cray cray adorbs. And I love how she made a matching headband!


I have awesome testers too. Did I mention that? Because they are awesome.

Go check out their blogs! Look at their awesome pictures, read my rave reviews from them. 😉

And thanks again ladies for all your hard work testing it for me. You rock!

Tell us what you think!