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Perhaps you’ve heard of the Designer’s Challenge? A month long challenge where 20 designers each come up with a new pattern to be released, and they unveil these patterns once a day for a month. You have a chance to win the pattern of the day, and at the end of the month you could win the entire collection! Sound fun, right? Of course. So many new patterns from wonderful designers! And you get to see what they look like stitched up in many different fabrics (psst…thanks to wonderful testers).

Well, say hello to the lil’ sis…the Aspiring Designer’s Challenge!

New designers ready to step into the sunlight and release their patterns into the world. A new pattern will be released every day during the challenge! This challenge is a little different from the ol’ Designer’s Challenge though. The Aspiring Designers have mentors to help them along their way. Whether it’s questions on drafting, grading or even trying to name their pattern they get help whenever they ask for it.

There are also the wonderful testers that have volunteered their time and services to try out the patterns. That’s going to be the exciting part. Seeing all the different fabric interpretations with the pattern. I’m a little giddy with excitement to see what they come up with.

And don’t worry, the mentors help us polish up the pattern before it’s finally released. So you can be confident that it’s been tested, received feedback and thoroughly looked over before it goes out.

This is a wonderful opportunity! So many years of experience that we get to take advantage of and as we listen to our mentors and pick their brains. They have so much wonderful advice and really help demystify the whole process!

I’m honored to be in this challenge! I’ve already learned so much from the other designers. And I’m amazed at how much more I still have to learn and grow. Hah, just when you’re feeling smug and think you know everything something like this comes along and you realize you need help. I’m so grateful for the chance to learn from these wonderful women. They have been so sweet and supportive. They have shaved months off the learning process for me already. Thank you so much!

And it’s not just sewing patterns. But there are also some crochet and quilting patterns coming out too! I’m in the May challenge.

So stay tuned! You can expect great things! 🙂

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