Another Scientific Seamstress Inspired Stocking

Here’s number two! In case you missed it, Pattern Revolution released a free stocking pattern. I used it to make an Alice in Wonderland stocking and here’s stocking number two! Here I go again, with not much more than a fabric pen and some white cotton.DSC_1015

Still feeling inspired by Scientific Seamstress. I was on a roll and made a second stocking with her color blocked dress as inspiration. This is for our baby Scarlett arriving in a few weeks. Hubby helped me think of the elements that I wanted to include in the coloring book fabric. It helps that he’s part Irish, our baby could pop out with red hair too.DSC_1026

“It will come to you, this love of the land. There’s no gettin‘ away from it if you’re Irish.”



“Sir, you are no gentleman.”
“And you, Miss, are no lady.”

DSC_1018  Miss Melly and Ashley.DSC_1017It’s hard making stockings when you’re really pregnant. A few times I had to stop because we thought I was going into labor. I still have until February, but dang, those Braxton-Hicks were really strong. So, these stockings took way longer than they should have.


Yep, we’re total dorks and I’m sure I’ll embarrass my kids some day… probably most days. But look at their awesome stockings! 😉

Next up…my stocking and then the boys’ stockings. Oh, I’m not finished just yet.



  1. All fabric bought at Joann Fabrics
  2. All original Gone With the Wind Illustrations by me
  3. Awesome quotes straight from “Gone With the Wind”

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