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Getting ready for Thanksgiving! I think it’s my becoming my favorite holiday. Zero gifts to wrap, and tons of food to eat. And I don’t have to sit at the kiddie table anymore!

I have a huge turkey thawing in the fridge, and this morning I started thawing the pecan pie too. Hubby loves pecan pie so I got him a frozen one. Hah. As for the pumpkin pie, I made one fresh this morning because that’s MY favorite. 😉

All month long I gathered all the ingredients I needed for Thanksgiving and squirreled them away in a pretty box. I already started a Christmas box too. Then I decided which sides I could make ahead of time and how long each takes to cook the day of Thanksgiving. 

I’m taking shortcuts this year…lots of shortcuts. My son is sick with an ear infection, I feel like I’m catching his cold, I’m potty training my youngest and I’m 29 weeks pregnant. So, lots of shortcuts. Yeah, uh that’s why hubby gets a frozen pie. 😉

Tomorrow morning I’m making whole cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and sweet potatoes in my triple crockpot. The turkey is getting violated with butter under the skin, and rubbed all over with rosemary, thyme, basil and dried sage from my garden. That bad boy is getting thrown in an oven bag with carrots and onions. Although I might need hubby to throw it in because I sort of strained myself picking that bad boy up. It’s just shy of 20 lbs and my core strength is shot to heck right now. Haha.

But think of all the leftovers! 🙂

The stuffing and mashed potatoes will be quick and easy, thanks to hot water and butter. Why bother making it from scratch when I LOVE the taste of Stove Top. Nom nom nom.

I have whipped cream and Cool-whip at the ready. And Hawaiian sweet rolls.

Geez, last time I cooked the Thanksgiving meal was like 6 years ago. But now we’re hundreds of miles away from family and friends. So, I find myself making Thanksgiving dinner again.

Miss my family and friends this holiday season. Miss their ugly sweater parties, cookie exchanges, silly traditions and getting kidnapped by my girl friends on my birthday.

So I’m making too much food tomorrow so I can coast from cooking for at least a week or so. I’m done with my Christmas shopping so I can have turkey-induced naps for a few weeks.

Off topic- one thing that feels odd… every time I’ve been pregnant in November, I was due the next month. So, I feel like I’m done, but I still have a few more months to go. This is the longest pregnancy ever. During it… Hubby graduated grad school then lost a job, we struggled for months to find work, had to move out of state when he started a new career, our oldest started a new school, we celebrated most holidays and our anniversary, and will celebrate everyone’s birthday in our family. All that happened in six months and all before this baby is due. And I’ve had 4 different doctors.

But…we endured through all of it. Somehow, we managed.

So, this holiday season I’m grateful for my health, my wonderful new doctor, hubby’s great job, a nice warm home, good teachers, and a quiet little neighborhood to raise my kids in the meantime.

And even though it feels like forever, I’m grateful I have a few more months before popping out this last baby. I’m not nervous, but it still hasn’t hit me that I’m having another. I’m really showing and it feels like a watermelon with elbows is in there, but…it’s my first uncomplicated pregnancy (knock on wood), so it’s not what I’m used to. Still can’t believe it. Unless I’m getting jammed with needles and ultrasounds every two weeks, it’s hard to believe.

Huh, so this is what a normal pregnancy feels like. Who knew.

Thanks for listening to the ramblings of a crazy pregnant lady. Safe drives tomorrow as you visit family and friends! And be careful around hot oil if you’re cooking….trust me, hot oil burns really hurt and are so painful to heal from. I know. So be safe!! And find something to be grateful for. 🙂

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  1. Oh my goodness girl, nothing like doing it all at once!! Our holidays are quiet as no family is close either, but I still cook like everyone is here,,(I love leftovers too) I’m thankful for a warm home and food on the table (my hubby lost his job awhile ago also) but things are working out . Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !! xxx’s

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