10 More Tankinis You Can Sew Today!

10 More Tankinis You Can Sew Today!

If you’re shaking off the winter blues and ready to skip straight to summer, check out these ten cute tankinis you can sew today! I’ve rounded some more of my favorite combos you’ll see in stores this summer. Be ahead of the trends and sew one up before you can buy it! You can sew all of these with the Mykonos patterns as a base.

Time to print out your Mykonos patterns and get to sewing!

Wondering why you should make your own swimsuit? Well, ever notice how swimsuits never fit you right? That’s because they’re one-size fits most. AS in…that medium size is supposed to fit EVERY medium sized lady out there, no matter how she’s shaped. Well that’s messed up. Yep, I totally agree. But when you sew your own swim suit you can tailor it to fit your unique shape. And that results in an amazing fit EVERY TIME.

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Here are 10 more swimsuits you can totally make with the Mykonos Patterns!

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This is my number one look for Summer 2017. Medium ditzy florals on top and a solid black bottom. Use the peplum top and classic bottoms to get this flirty look.2. Ready to step up your swimsuit game? Be a part of the Glitterati in this flashy peplum with pop! Use glitter or sequined lycra on the top of your peplum swim top. Classic or boy shorts finish off the look.

3. Anchors away! DIY your own Tommy Bahamas knock-off. You can add a contrasting band to scrunch the bust in the middle, and use the same contrast for the straps. Use the empire top and classic bottoms patterns. I love those dark navy stripes, and nautical themes will be hot this summer.

4. Teal will be your go-to color to show off your tan. The blues complement your bronze glow and will actually make you appear tanner. The triangle tiers are very forgiving and draw attention to where you want it. TEAL is my solid color of choice for this summer. Use the triangle tiered top and classic bottoms (or boyshorts) to get this look.

5. Florals and stripes will never go out of style. Pick a nice dark romantic floral for your summertime look and pair it with a neutral stripe. Get this look with the peplum top and classic or boy shorts bottoms.

6. Boho Chic is extremely big this year. So embrace your beach hair and toss on an ankle bracelet. This blue medallion top and white bottoms from Anthropologie can be recreated with the peplum top and classic bottoms.

7. Love the look of border prints but having a hard time finding them? You can recreate this look with the empire top and classic bottoms. You don’t even need a border print fabric, just use two separate fabrics for a faux border print look.

8. Embrace the island! Big Hawaiian prints are always a cult classic, and this summer they’ll make a huge splash! Use the triangle tiered top pattern and cut the triangle tips off to get this look. Try it on first if you want classic straps and mark placement. Can use classic or boy short bottoms for this.

9. When you sew your own swimsuits, you don’t have to worry about it being “in stock” or “sold out”. I love this Anthro inspo. Big tropical florals. Use the peplum base and ANY bottom to rock this look. Would look killer with the boy shorts or skirted options, if you ask me.

10. Fringe it! Nothing is stopping you from getting this look. It’s very popular and goes along with the BOHO theme this summer. Use the tiered top, but only sew on the top tier. Cut the fringe 1/4″ to 1/2″ wide depending on your size. Smaller sizes use smaller fringe. You can also fringe the bottom of the skirt too. Lycra and swimsuit fabrics don’t fray, so don’t worry about that happening on your tankinis. 🙂

IF you want more inspiration, hop on over to Pinterest and check out my swimsuit board. Anytime I see a design you could hack, I’ll post it to the board. ?

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Happy Sewing my Lovelies!

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